The massage therapy profession needs more massage therapists.  Massage therapy jobs are in demand and more massage therapists are needed to start their own business.  We need more sole proprietors with one person businesses and we need more multi-therapist spas and clinics to meet the current demands for massage therapy.

One of the challenges happening in the massage therapy profession is that many jobs are low paying and career statistics from the American Massage Therapy Association and the Bureau of Labor Statistics make careers in massage therapy look bleak.  AMTA stats say:

In 2016, the average annual income for a massage therapist (including tips) was estimated to be $26,216

The BLS stats say:

The 2017 Median pay is $39,990 per year.  (The BLS stats assume that a massage therapists works 40 hours per week which is not true)

I am here to tell you differently and help you start your career out right by choosing the best massage school for you.

The successful massage therapist will:

  • Research schools and massage therapy careers fully so you know what you are getting into.
  • Use your research to pick the best school for you, that will help you on your chosen career path.
  • Entry level jobs at franchises and other places are just a stepping stone to higher paying jobs.  Use them to learn and grow.
  • Understand that you have to start saying NO to all the low paying jobs and jobs with bad working conditions like no sick time, no vacation time and no other benefits.
  • Understand that jobs are usually just the beginning of your career and that most massage therapists open up their own office/clinic/spa.
  • Understand that running a business means it is about the money.

Why I am doing this?

I have been a massage therapist since 1987.  The career has been very good to me.  I have watched it grow in some areas and am watching the schools currently struggle to get more students.  Here in WA State, the franchise owners got together in 2015, with the school owners to look for solutions to the problem of falling massage school enrollments/graduates.  One of the ideas was to start a website that promotes massage therapy, massage careers and massage therapy schools.  Nothing came of it… so here I am – putting it all together myself.  I want to save the massage profession and make it into the healthcare career that it can be.  No matter where you work or what type of massage you do – relaxation or treatment massage – ALL Massage Therapy is Healthcare!

The world needs to know that!

Julie Onofrio, LMT
Seattle WA
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Also creator/owner of www.massagepracticebuilder.com and www.massageishealthcare.com



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