Massage Envy Careers

Massage Envy was one of the first franchises created in the massage therapy profession. It was created by a guy named John who also was involved in healthclub franchising. The franchise industry brought with it many changes in the massage profession – some good and some not so good depending on who you ask. The idea is that the franchises provide low cost massage therapy sessions once a month on a membership basis. Because they are low cost ($39-$59.00) a month, means that the massage therapist employee wage is about $15-$21.00 per massage hour that was given.

Massage Envy has also been a big advocate for the massage therapy profession and their ads in major magazines and on TV has created awareness about massage.

They have had many challenges with providing such high numbers of massage sessions throughout their franchises which are all individually owned. In Nov 2017, reports that 180 women were sexually assaulted at a few Massage Envy Locations. even after being warned about the perpetrator. This is beyond reprehensible. The thing is that the assaults have also continued even though Massage Envy did take action to help stop the problem.

Start Your Massage Career at a franchise

Despite the troubling findings, it is still a very good option for starting your career in massage. The franchises are often very busy locations where you will get intensive hands on experience. Since each is owned by separate owners (or one owner may own a few locations or a group of owners may own many locations), it is important to make sure you find responsible owners.

The franchises are having such a shortage of massage therapists that you should be able to negotiate better benefits like time off, healthcare and sick days. The franchises have to fill so many rooms with clients everyday which requires a solid staff of massage therapists to provide all of the sessions.

Many use this as a stepping stone in their career to learn the ropes of working with clients in a way that makes them want to rebook. You can also learn about building a massage business by working at a massage envy franchise or other massage franchise.

Massage Envy has their own Massage Envy Career website.